“A and O” comes from Greek “Alpha and Omega” which means “the most important” and “from beginning to end”. That´s where this platform will be able to offer the help needed. From the theoretical A to the practical O, from the Alpha children to the Omega sports stars, from beginning to end.

Our main goal is to feel joy as trainers & coaches and together transfer this energy to our athletes. We want to work with you who wants to become a better practitioner and help you to really turn the sometimes complex theory into practice with both confidence and understanding of why you do it. We want you to become a better coach, a better trainer, a better athlete, a better parent or person – or maybe everything above?

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Take the opportunity to learn from one of Sweden’s best Personal Trainers, Andreas Öhgren. Courses tailored for you who work as a coach and want to be even better in your field of expertise.

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  1. "Thanks Andreas for a fantastic first summer training with you!
 The difference on ice this year compared to last year is huge since I feel much stronger, more explosive, more durable and more flexible! "

    Jesper Bratt

    New Jersey Devils

  2. "Andreas, your spirit and intention of physical excellence is unmatched. Not many people around the globe know more about the human body and how it was made to move than you."

    John Carlsson

    Washington Capitals

  3. "This is definitely the best workout and I recommend all hockey players to work in the line of AO Performance´s mindset."

    Nicklas Bäckström

    Washington Capitals

  4. "I had met about ten different people who tried but never helped me with my back. But already after 1 treatment with Andreas, I felt a difference in the back."

    Benjamin Hjort

    Professional golfer

  5. "After pulling my back out 15 times and 3 slipped discs in just over a year, AO Performance made it possible for me to skii again."

    Jennifer Farde

    Brain surgeon


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