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Meet the team behind AO Performance. We will do everything in our power to help you develop the tools you need to live the goals you dream about.

Andreas Öhgren

“I live to help people fulfill their dreams and goals.”

Unfortunately, I was forced to quit my passion because of injuries, caused by an misunderstanding of what proper training and nutrition really meant. Something I’m grateful for today, when this experience has evolved into an understanding of how I, as a coach, am able to help other athletes not to end up where I did. No one should have to quit or not reach his/hers full potential with what one loves from getting the wrong help.

With 20 years of experience in the industry as a coach and several thousands of hours of my own studies, I feel that there is a missing link in terms of the art of coaching and to see our profession from a holistic perspective. I see a need of the space in which the theory is transferred to practice, something that according to me, is summarized as – “The Art of Coaching.” That’s exactly what we want to offer you on AO Performance.

My main goal is that we will have fun as coaches and together be able to transfer this energy to our athletes. We want to work with you who wants to become a better practitioner and help you to turn complex theory into practice with both confidence and understanding of why you do it. We want you to become a better coach, a better trainer, a better athlete, a better parent or person – or maybe everything above?

Gustav Pettersson

“Performance for me is primarily about a well-functioning immune system.”

My overall purpose as a coach is to offer help to self-help. Being involved and contributing to the well-being of people is the best thing I know, mainly the moment when the insight occurs that we all possess the ability to be our own definition of health.

I was born and raised in Luleå and my training background is based on an elite level in both ice hockey and soccer. A career that unfortunately ended because of injuries, something that I am most grateful for today, since they have proven to be the biggest lessons for my career as a trainer and coach. By then the dreams changed from being a pro – to master myself.

My specialty as a coach lies in a constant and curious deep diving in the understanding of the whole of us as human beings. With great interest in understanding, I always do my best to communicate this in each individual’s unique way of self-understanding. Tools I use are understanding of breathing, nutrition, movement, thoughts and sleep/recovery.

I´m currently running my own business as a holistic lifestyle coach with primary passion in nutrition, integrative sports nutrition and biochemistry. As a Nutritional Therapist, I work for with the Functional Medicine model and focus on the overall nature of each individual, taking into account the entire person and weighing in lifestyle change as the first treatment method.

Why I love what I do is because I get the opportunity to share what I strongly believe in, teach while learning from a constantly inspiring environment. I love to listen upstream, and observe what the person in front of me leave out to say and understand the cause of the symptom.

Being a part of the AO Performance team is something I stand very humbly and proud of. Being involved and contributing to more understanding and inspiring environment feels incredibly exciting but what I look forward to the most is all the people I will meet, be inspired by and learned from.

Together we are strong. Let’s welcome development!

Dr Jennie Sandqvist

I specialized in Neurology at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, where I also worked with teaching staff and medical students.

Over the years I have lectured and written the majority of meeting summaries and teaching materials that deal with a variety of subjects such as brain tumors, muscular diseases, epilepsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, degenerative nervous diseases, ALS, intervention treatments, acute neurology and spinal cord injuries.

After years of experience in acute neurology and reception work, I specialized in the United States in Functional Medicine and founded the company Mih Clinic where I currently work as CEO and Chief Medical Officer. The clinic is specialized in helping elite athletes reach new groundbreaking results using Functional Medicine and also works with anti-aging and preventative medicine in chronic diseases.

Mih Clinic for a collaboration with the American company BioStem Technologies where I am a member of the board as a medical advisor. It is a global company that works with innovative technologies, primarily in pharmacological and regenerative medicine, with the goal of being world-leading. One of its largest areas is stem cell treatments and ongoing research studies at the University of Miami.

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