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Welcome to the best practical education in Sweden. We have gathered all the powerful tools we use today to be able to give you maximum results on your clients and patients. If you are working with training, nutrition, manual treatment or coaching, you can’t afford to miss this.

This will be the investment of your life, not only for yourself but above all for your clients and patients. Prepare yourself be fully booked.

AO is the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. In addition to the meaning “everything in between”, which comes from the Greek “Alpha and Omega”, it also means “the most important” and “from beginning to end”.  From the theoretical A to the practical O, from the Alpha kids and teens to the Omega sports stars, from start to finish.

“We have to appreciate that we have to find out information, but if the research is not done during function then we have to think about this information as kind of relative not absolute.”
– Dr. Dave Tibero

For whom are these educations?

  • For you who want to be at the forefront as a personal trainer, coach or therapist.
  • For you who want to make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • For you who want to be fully booked and receive text messages daily about how you have changed someone’s life.
  • For you who want to become a better practitioner and really be able to translate the theoretical into the practical with results you did not think were possible.
  • For you who want to help people with pain and injuries and get results they could not dream of?
  • For you who want to help athletes reach their maximum potential.

Are you ready to do this with true principles, with superior strategies and individually tailored exercises that really make a difference and that are far from standard protocols that rarely or never work?

Book your place today, but only if you want unreal results.

Do you dare to stand by and miss this?

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