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Unfortunately, I was forced to quit my passion because of injuries, caused by an misunderstanding of what proper training and nutrition really meant. Something I'm grateful for today, when this experience has evolved into an understanding of how I, as a coach, am able to help other athletes not to end up where I did. No one should have to quit or not reach his/hers full potential with what one loves from getting the wrong help.

AO is not just my initials, but also the first and last letters of the Swedish and Greek alphabet. In addition to the meaning “everything in between” I find similarities to the Swedish saying “A and O” that comes from the Greek “Alpha and Omega” meaning “the most important” and “from the beginning to the end”. This is where I see my role and where this website as a platform will be able to offer the help needed. From the theoretical A to the practical O, from the Alpha children to the Omega sports stars, from beginning to end.

My mission is to help people fulfill their goals and dreams.

In a perfect world, all exercise, nutrition, movement, etc. would be explored and researched on an individual level. However, there are to many different factors that would needed to be tested in each study to get correct answers to everything. We will probably never get to see that because the individual difference is to big in both athletes and coaches. Of course, it is important to analyze the studies that exist but at the same time not forget the sense of individual adaptation required to be a coach. As coaches, we have every chance of being in front of science, but it requires experience, intuition and curiosity. Coaching is an art.

Like one of my mentors, Dr. Dave Tibero says:

“We have to appreciate that we have to find out information, but if the research is not done during function then we have to think about this information as kind of relative not absolute.”

With 20 years of experience in the industry as a coach and several thousands of hours of my own studies, I feel that there is a missing link in terms of the art of coaching and to see our profession from a holistic perspective. I see a need of the space in which the theory is transferred to practice, something that according to me, is summarized as –  “The Art of Coaching.” That’s exactly what we want to offer you on AO Performance, the experience of actively making and paying attention to the mistakes we´ve made. Our main goal is to have fun as coaches and together be able to transfer this energy to our athletes. We want to work with you who wants to become a better practitioner and help you to turn complex theory into practice with both confidence and understanding of why you do it. We want you to become a better coach, a better trainer, a better athlete, a better parent or person – or maybe everything above?

Don´t forget, communication is and always will be more important than reps and sets.

To help someone lift their child painlessly from the floor or for someone to win the Stanley Cup makes no difference to me.

Me and my team have created AO Performance as an education platform containing all the theoretical knowledge needed to create the conditions for becoming the coach you want to be. Me and my team will then do everything we can to help you develop the tools you need to reach the goals you´re  dreaming about.

Understanding we, among other things, master:

  • How to get the maximum development of your athletes, speed & power at elite level
  • What you should eat to optimize performance
  • The importance of having fun
  • How to create the right culture
  • How to build a team
  • How to choose the right exercise for the right individual at the right time
  • How to get better at communicating with athletes, other coaches and parents
  • How to become a better trainer/coach/athlete
  • Individual customization in group

Everything you need and a bit more.
Let´s do this, as my dad usually says

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