Nicklas Bäckström Washington Capitals

My first meeting with AO Performance was when I started training with Andreas shortly after my hip surgery. I never thought I would be as good and as fast as he helped me to recover and I could come back to playing hockey earlier than expected. Today I'm pain- and injury-free and I feel stronger than ever. To practice really hard and still have a nice feeling in the body afterwards is something that I´ve never experienced before training with Andreas.

This is definitely the best workout and I recommend all hockey players to work in the line of AO Performance´s mindset.


I have trained with Andreas for 9–10 years now and i can only say that it has made a huge impact on me as a hockey player. To train with someone who is not afraid to test new things and he has a unique way of thinking and it has been incredibly important to me after all the years we have been training together. I now know my own body so that I know what is best for me and what work for me to be able to perform at the highest level.

John Carlsson Washington Capitals

Your spirit and intention of physical excellence is unmatched. Not many people around the globe know more about the human body and how it was made to move than you. Your work ethic and enthusiasm makes it a treat to be around you and learn from you. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into me and my career, and I’m sure many can share the same. Keep striving for greatness and spreading your wealth of knowledge with as many people as possible, it will only make us move faster, more correctly, stronger and safer than we have before we met!

Jesper Bratt New Jersey Devils

Thanks Andreas for a fantastic first summer training with you!
 Quite unbelievably what difference this training made for me! The difference on ice this year compared to last year is huge since I feel much stronger, more explosive, more durable and more flexible! The tests are also better than ever and especially them on the ice! Thank you for all your help and I look forward to continued cooperation with you!

Nea Mikkola Coach

What do you think of this? 😀 Such an amazing weekend with AO Performance in Helsinki. The knowledge of the group were insane. Their skills and experiences were so impressive, but most of all, their presence, support and appreciation towards everyone. It was wonderful. We all lifted each other up. I felt that everything that is required to be a great coach was included this weekend. And in order to be a good coach, always strive to be better, we must constantly seek new knowledge, educate, learn and internalize all the information. Stay humble. I'm still quite confused about everything that I experienced during these few days. I grew up as a person, as a coach and as an athlete.  TACK så mycket än en gång Andreas! Du är en så otroligt bra person och fantastisk coach. (Again, thank you so much Andreas. You are an incredible person and an amazing coach) And thank you everyone, awesome weekend with you! I had so much fun!

Magnus Pääjärvi Ottawa Senators

I have been training with Andreas since I was 16 years old (11 years of cooperation) and he has been an important backbone for me in my career both physically and mentally. The training is perfect for those who want power, stamina and stay injury free. There have been many situations in my career where I should have been injured, but thanks to the training I´ve done with AO performance, I have already been there in those exposed situations and strengthened it.
Add Andreas mentality with an insane intensity and no messing around, and you have the best coach, no doubt!

benjamin hjort Golf player

I met Andreas for the first time in October last year (2017). I had a severe pain in the lumbar spine for more than a year and was afraid not to continue to play golf at the level I do right now and as I wish in the future. I had met about ten different people who tried but never helped me with my back. But already after 1 treatment with Andreas, I felt a difference in the back.

Now after 6 months together we have been able to drop the focus on the back and instead being able to focus on my swing and body functioning as coherent as possible. During our work together, the swing speed has increased from about 110mph to 115mph. Which leads to about 20 meters longer drives. This I will always be forever grateful for.

Not only did I get help with my back and my training, I´ve also had a very good friend in Andreas. I'm really looking forward to working together to become the world's best golf player!

I really recommend all golfers to test this training and take advantage of Andreas knowledge.

Andrew B. Wolff MD

I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon who has worked with Andreas and his patients for over 4 years. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and professional.
His work with many NHL players who he and I have treated together has been unparalleled. He has also spent time with me in surgery and the cadaver lab. His knowledge of anatomy is exceptional. His level work that involves patient care, anatomy, physiology and treatment of the human body is exceptional. He is also one of the best people I have ever met.

I highly recommend Andreas to everything from post op rehab to optimal performance training.


My expectations before the Power & Performance training were high BUT WOW, it was even better.

Insights about diet, how much impact it really has on our body. The training that Andreas had was also many insights, a lot that I never thought of as a coach. I got so much to take home during these 2 days.
Andreas and Gustaf as teachers are sovereign, their presence, clarity and humility make any person to relax and be yourself, which makes everyone feel comfortable and learning becomes easier.

When I sat in the car on the way home I felt pure happiness of all the knowledge and energy we all gave each other!


It was a pure honor to be one of the first participants in the first edition of Andreas and Gustav's Power & Performance. An extremely educational weekend where we received so many important moments regarding the right diet, recovery, sleep and, above all, performance in their entirety.

Fantastic guys who are experts in their fields and they have several years of experience. The training included very practical steps which I personally think are the most educational. Best of all was that the group of participants was small, which gives a very personal touch.

During the training I already looked at the rest of their offerings because I wanted to learn more and more. Looking forward to taking part of several occasions with AO Performance and continue to develop as a coach myself, and develop together with other passionate and committed trainers, indescribable! Thanks for this time! :)