Strength and Plyo Series

In today's sport where speed & power is more important than ever, it's extremely important that our athletes have the strength required to deliver maximum performance.

What is strength?

How strong does an athlete really need to be?

Can an athlete become too strong and therefore adversely affect performance?

Motor learning has been studied very little. Therefore, weight training should really be more about coordination. Sadly, most of the literature is mechanical. We move like robots. We need to practice movements and to be able to control loaded movements at high speed. That´s what we call strength training for athletes (Weightlifters/Crossfitters not included).

During these two days you will develop:

  • How to customize the right exercise for maximum strength development for the right individual
  • How to use 3D-thinking for “loaded movements”.
  • Understand and analyze the difference between elastic strength and stiffness.
  • Understanding if strength tests is needed, and if so, which ones to use?
  • How varied weight training can do wonders, but when there is too much variation, – how it can create chaos instead.Who should have what and when?
  • Motor control and motor learning = coordination.
  • An understanding of what plyometric training really is.
  • How to use the right kind of plyo to create the most power.
  • How to periodize plyometric training.
  • How to develop the right technique for maximum plyo development.
  • Learn the best plyo exercises that create the most power.

During these days, Gustav will also review and discuss the understanding of proper nutrition and supplementation of dietary supplements for optimal performance and strength.

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