Mobility and Movement Series

It requires proper movement, mobility and stability for athletes to dispose as little ATP (energy) as possible in every move.

An athlete with poor mobility will not only waste energy, he or she will probably create new compensating movement pattern, which will most likely lead to an injury or other damage. So to minimize injury risk, minimize energy leakage and optimize performance, these two days are a must for those coaches who wants to give their athletes everything.

As a coach during this education you will therefore understand:

  • How to use effective 3D Fascia treatment techniques that makes a big difference for your clients to take the next step.
  • How to use rubber bands as a tool to slow down movement in one place to simultaneously improve one’s motion.
  • How to use floss tape to increase tissue hydration and thus create better movement for your clients/athletes.
  • How to choose the right technique for the right individual at the right time.
  • How to strategically mix all techniques for even more powerful results.

All these techniques are extremely effective and will make a big difference for you and your clients. The training is mostly based on practical practice, and the techniques are customized for you to be able to use them as soon as you return home.

During these days, Gustav will also review and discuss the understanding of what true recovery means, what happens when we sleep and how we can optimize our sleep hygiene and by doing so hence our performance. Gustav will also teach how we, through nutrition, can improve our fascia´s elasticity and function.

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