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Our vision is to unite with other like-minded trainers and coaches who are willing to change and develop performance-training in the world. Do you agree that no one should stop or not reach his/hers full potential with what he/she loves because he/she has been offered the wrong help? Do you also want to help them reach their dream? If so, we share the same passion and we are proud to finally announce and offer an international version of our education.

Thanks for finding your way here, we are grateful that you are considering joining us. We envision an international team connected through the curiosity of not only being in the front-line but also with a humble heart changing it. Together we are strong, together we can change. Book your place today.

May 17-19th in Gothenburg, Sweden we offer you:

  • 3 day Power & Performance education from 09-17 every day
  • We all stay at one of the nicest Spa facilities in Sweden Sant Jörgen Park in Gothenburg
  • 2 nights are included
  • Breakfast is included Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch is included Fridag, Saturday and Sunday
  • Dinner is included Friday and Saturday where we will continue to share and develop together
  • You have free access to the SPA during all 3 days
  • Certification of completion after 3 days
  • T-shirt with AO Performance Coach logo

We need more practical training that supports this vision of change, and therefore we proudly presents Power & Performance International, our way of taking responsibility in the right direction. During three full days, we welcome you as a parent, athlete, personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach or coach to develop your understanding of how to properly implement the right exercises for your athletes in a periodization model that works well. In addition to this strategic understanding, you will participate in mastering 100’s of exercises, which in addition to being consistent with today’s updated research, mainly are confirmed to work by today’s athletic elite that I have the gratitude to work with.

By working with everything from today’s children and adolescents to world elites, I have managed to create an understanding of the important piece of physical education we, as coaches, need to master better in order to support our youth aiming for the top.

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As a coach during this education you will therefore master:

  • Understanding of choosing the right exercise, for the right individual and at the right time.
  • Understanding of how, when and what young people are going to work out.
  • Understanding to help the athlete get as fast as possible (COD).
  • Understanding to make a progression over 10 years for a athlete
  • Understanding how your athlete can create the ability to explode with lactic acid and better manage lactic acid.
  • Understanding how your athlete won´t lose strenght/power during the season.
  • Understanding to simplify and learn complex movements.
  • The ability to make the right decision quickly both in the exercise and in the game.
  • The ability to get the maximum power both off and in-season of your athlete.
  • Create the ability for your athlete to train/play longer in high pulse zones and recover faster.
  • Conscious coaching, how to communicate and inspire better.

The main teacher for these three days is Andreas Öhgren (@pt_andreas) and I will go through the theoretical and practical part of ”Power & Performance”. I will share all the knowledge and experience I gained during my 20 years as a coach, ranging from kids to superstars.

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In addition to that, I’m proud to introduce Gustav Pettersson who works as a Nutritional Therapist with primary passion for integrative sports nutrition, sleep and recovery. He will help us understand the way we, as coaches, must apply nutrition as one of the most important components for our athletes to perform on our high-level goal of physical effort and demand. After this weekend you will, as a coach, therefore also master the understanding of:

  • Why nutrition is one of our primary communication channels for ourselves as to how we want to feel and at what level we want to be able to perform.
  • How we create optimal conditions for performance.
  • Why and how we optimize nutrition before, during and after activity.
  • What foods that counteract our ability to perform and recover.
  • Why sleep is our most important bio-hack to take care of.
  • How we can optimize our sleep and recovery
  • How you as a coach convey and communicate this correctly to your athletes.

This will be a personal, fun and very instructive weekend with a focus on practice and experience. We believe in the important ingredient of practically participating as a coach, where one’s own experience ultimately becomes the most important component of communicating, delivering and meeting the needs our athletes deserve.

Together we create a platform for us coaches to develop and collectively contribute to a more developed and modern sporting activity.

This education fits Coaches, Personal Trainers, Performance Coaches, athletes and anyone else who wants to be a better practitioner.




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17-19 maj | International Power & Performance | Gothenburg, Sweden - 12206 SEK

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